Book Review: The Road to Freedom

There’s a story behind the reason I picked this book for review.  About 6 months ago someone said to me “Every town should have at least one church that runs a celebrate recovery group.”  I admit I didn’t know much about the ministry so I jumped at the opportunity to read and review the book released by Johnny Baker.

The premise here is to offer a way to find healing from “hurts, hang-ups and habits.”  Baker uses the perspective of overcoming his own addiction and staying sober for more than 20 years as a launching platform and model for the effectiveness of the celebrate recovery ministry.

Though the link is automatically toward alcohol and drugs, the points made are applicable to any type of addiction and can be picked up by Christians and non-Christian with proven success.  That said this being a Christian ministry the mainstay is the identity and power of a loving God who wants what is best for His children, and freedom from a destructive vice is one of those things.

Baker does a good job of discussing the finer points of his ‘steps’ (I don’t think this is the proper term) and why each one is important to the path of ultimate freedom.  I guess if I offered any critique it would be that I felt the book was a little light on some areas, and maybe could have included some more in-depth testimony from others who found success in the ministry.

I have two areas to recommend this book.  First, and most obvious, to any who are struggling with addiction.  Freedom really is available to you, this book will show you a practical and effective way to achieve it.  Second is to pastors and ministry leaders.  If you are looking to begin a celebrate recovery program or have someone to recommend to one, this book will help you make that decision.

**I received this book free through Book Look Bloggers and HarperCollins Christian Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  These are my personal thoughts.


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