Book Review: The Maxwell Leadership Bible (NIV)

As far as bibles designed for a specific learning function which derives from the scriptures, leadership is an area that is deeply needed. On that note the Maxwell Leadership Bible is one most Christians would be familiar with, at least in name.

A quick run down on this bible (as far as pros and cons):

The font size is comfortable for most people to read from. The lack of cross references and study notes make this possible and keeps the bible at a manageable size (about 1500 pages, where most study bibles come close to 3000). However there are a large number of notes within the pages of the bible. And this is where the leadership format takes hold. Maxwell has added studies from some of his books and essays throughout the books. He has taken people from the bible and shown leadership successes and failures in their lives. His 21 laws series appears to be the most prevalent of added notes. In the back of the bible there are additional readings, a table fo weights and measures and 4 “concordances or leadership” to make use of.

The bible comes in the lay flat design making it easy to read from almost any page – as can be understood there is issue of single pages staying flat with over 1000 pulling them the other direction, but it is still possible after a few days of use. My bible came in a burgundy leather making it appealing and as is frequent now, comes with a ribbon book mark.

This bible can be an everyday reader but is not suited a study bible unless you are preparing for talks or study on leadership only.

The Maxwell Leadership Bible is not a mandatory add to the library of todays Christian leaders but it is a valuable resource for those wanting to advance in who they are as a godly person in leadership. Overall this is a great bible and has become a fixture in my office, one that will be well used.

*I received this bible free from the publisher through Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. These are my personal thoughts.


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